Paper Lamps

Paper lamps are growing in popularity and many people are now using them for decoration, as well as lighting, in their homes. Unlike traditional lamps, paper lamps have a charm and feel that is Oriental yet modern and clean in its look. Indeed many paper lamps are made in Asia, and especially Thailand, where skilled artisans spend their lives perfecting the art of making these lamps. Most paper lamps are made from sa paper or another kind of paper.

The use of sa paper in paper lamps is extremely popular in Thailand, where the mulberry tree grows in great number. The sa paper is wrapped around a wooden frame (mostly bamboo), which is the skeleton of the paper lamp. When the paper dries, a skilled artisan creates different designs on the paper lamp. Sometimes, however, a paper lamp will have no designs or decorations on it; simple paper lamps have a beauty and elegance as well.

At other times, paper is dyed and then wrapped around the frame of the paper lamp. The light from inside the paper lamp then gives off a color that matches the color of the paper. For example, if red-dyed paper is used as a shade over the frame of the paper lamp, the lamp will emit a red light. This (due to the various colors of paper lamps) has a stimulating effect, as different colors produce different feelings.

Paper lamps really come in two varieties, the ones that stand on the floor or a piece of furniture and hanging lamps. Both paper lamps look great and enhance the setting of any room. Usually, paper lamps provide light that is softer on the eyes and dimmer than conventional lamps. Most paper lamps come with a 110v or 220v bulb plus a power chord and can be used in any outlet.