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We have a beautiful selection of Asian home decor. All of our Asian home decorative accessories can be used in a practical sense and serve as outstanding adornment. Made from only high quality materials, these special Asian home decor items are sure to be treasured for years to come. Drink, eat and be merry with our fine selection of Chinese tea sets and Sushi sets. Spruce up any decorative setting with our fabulous line of Thai silk cushion covers and Oriental vases. Finally, burn your incense in style with our exquisite line of Chinese incense burners, each one including a different Chinese icon. Many of our Asian home decorative items also make a great gift for friends and family members.

category Table display fans are a great and inexpensive way to add a quality Asian decorative flair to any desk, table or stand. All of our table fans are made from a stiff Chinese silk and natural wood and include a free stylish table fan stand. Each of our fans is double-sided with a dazzling design theme on the front and a short saying or poem on the back in Chinese characters. Choose from over a dozen printed designs, including dragon designs, landscape themes and great figures from Chinese history. These beautiful display fans measure 24" wide by 13" high and add a superb decorative touch anywhere they are placed. Additionally, each table fan can easily be taken out of the stand and used as a hand fan or mounted on a wall. Click on any table fan below for more details and additional photos.

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category Being that Buddhist art is so popular in Asia and the West, we have therefore dedicated a large portion of our website exclusively to Buddha art, including Buddha paintings, Buddha amulets and Buddha statues.

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category Bamboo is used all around the world to craft beautiful, durable, natural home decor. It has wonderful qualities, being both very strong and resiliant, and also asthetically pleasing.

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category Our small display fans are a great way to decorate any small space in your home or office. Each fan has a unique design and includes a free holder that provides a complete and splendid look. These small display fans can be exhibited anywhere, as they have a double-sided design for 360 degree viewing. When you leave the house, take them out of their holder and they double as a beautifully fashionable Chinese hand fan. These small display fans also make a great gift for anyone who loves Asian decor.

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category Chinese wind chimes have long been a part of Asian culture. Not only beautiful, they produce a melodious sound that evokes a warm feeling of being home. Each of our Chinese wind chimes is crafted with an Asian design, including icons such as Buddhas, pagodas, dragons, Chinese coins and more. Hang these superb wind chimes in the front, back or side of your home for a beautiful decorative look and sonorous sound.

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category The origins of the Oriental Dragon stem to ancient China, when it was the emblem of the Emperors. The Oriental dragon is said to have had supernatural powers, such as the ability to fly, become invisible, breath fire, form clouds and change into water. Today, the dragon is a popular symbol that many people associate with power and respect and many things Asian. Below you can view all of the products we sell with Oriental dragon themes.

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category If you are looking for beautiful and unique Asian decor, our 8 inch and 12 inch mini tabletop screens are the ideal artistic choice. Vibrant, high quality and stunning in presentation, each screen contains four attractive panels of Asian scenery covered with glass. Every one of these special tabletop screens is completely double-sided, with a magnificent design on the front and a completely separate design on the back. You can click the View Now button under each screen to see the rear side of each piece, including additional close-up photos. You'll marvel at the wonderful craftsmanship and detail of these fabulous treasures from the Orient. Place these amazing tabletop screens on any flat surface to create an instant decorative splash. They go well on tables, desks, shelves, stands and will compliment almost any room or scene. These awesome screens are offered by very few vendors on the Internet and are difficult to source. We are proud to provide these elegant decorative screens to our valued customers. Browse our complete selection and order yours today. These tabletop screens also make a fantastic gift to lovers of Oriental decorative art.

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