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Oriental Furnishings

All of our Oriental furnishings are handcrafted by master artisans and make for fabulous Asian decor. We have classical-looking and elegant Asian style furniture, all crafted by hand in China. We also carry a quality line of magnificent bamboo rugs. Our bamboo rugs are a fabulous and easy way to add an Oriental accent to any area. View our beautiful and diverse selection of Oriental furnishings all right here.

Asian Style Furniture

Oriental-Decor.com is proud to offer our stunning Asian style furniture. Each piece is handcrafted and made from top-quality materials, including wood and brass. For centuries, the Chinese have used Asian style furniture to create a compelling and regal look to their homes. Place any of our Asian style furniture pieces in your home or office for remarkable decoration that will be cherished for years to come.

Window Blinds

Use these fabulous window blinds from the Orient to block out sun or change the dispersion of light in a room. Easy to install and operate, these unique bamboo blinds will add a stunning decorative touch to your home, office or business.

Tatami Mats

Tatami mats have been used by the Japanese for centuries. In general they serve as floor coverings and are frequently used during tea ceremonies, religious gatherings, for meditation and yoga sessions and to add beauty to any room. We have a range of sizes and several distinct styles to choose from. Check out our complete selection of tatami mats here.

Bamboo Rugs

We carry a beautiful assortment of indoor/outdoor bamboo rugs, made in the mountains of China. All of our bamboo rugs are made from eco-friendly bamboo which is a sustainable alternative to hardwoods. Our rugs complement any type of flooring, from carpet to hardwood and marble to tile. Beautiful, durable and stylish, these bamboo rugs are the perfect way to accentuate any room while adding an Oriental touch to any setting.

Oriental Boxes and Trunks

Any of these entirely handcrafted boxes and trunks will make a lovely addition to any decorative setting. Beautifully crafted down to the smallest detail, each box is finished with no less than seven layers of lacquer tree sap for a sturdy construction. The boxes are then hand-painted with artistic Chinese motifs and given an antique finish for an authentic appearance that is absolutely stunning.

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