Oriental Lamps

All of Oriental-Decor.com's Oriental lamps are handcrafted and made from bamboo or wood and sa paper or cotton. These clean and natural materials are non-intrusive and make each Oriental lamp easily transportable. Many of our Oriental lamps are designed with an Oriental theme and make a great decorative or lighting piece in any room. As well, all of our Oriental lamps also come with bulbs from 20-60-watts and an electric chord that can plug into a 110 or 220-volt outlet.

Our Oriental lamps come in a variety of colors and shapes - ranging from spherical to hexagonal. Many of our bamboo and cotton Oriental lamps can also be specially ordered to match any color. Enquire about our Oriental lamps by writing to us for more information. Our wood and sa-paper Oriental lamps can also be specially designed.

Many of our Oriental lamps look great placed on a furniture piece, but some are meant to stand on a floor. Each Oriental lamp has its own identity and serves to enhance a room in its own special way. And with the flick of a switch, our Oriental lamps can transform any room into a beautiful medley of colors, totally changing the atmosphere. When not lit, our Oriental lamps make for great decorative pieces and most look more like works of art.

Our round and square paper shade lanterns are a different type of Oriental lamp. Each one is elegantly handcrafted with sa-paper and makes the ideal hanging Oriental lamp. Many restaurants and shops in Asia use these types of Oriental lamps for decorative and lighting purposes. Bring a touch of Asia to your home or office and view our complete line of Oriental lamps.