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Meditation Cushions

For those who aspire to deepen and improve their meditation practice, we have a great selection of meditation cushions designed to add comfort and stability while sitting. Meditating on the floor without one of our meditation cushions just isnít the same, and can often be uncomfortable while causing loss of circulation and motivation. The solution is our wonderful meditation cushions, specifically designed for long periods of meditation on the ground. All are handcrafted and made of durable, quality materials from actual Buddhist practitioners. Choose from three types of cushions - traditional circular zafus, crescent shaped zafus and square shaped zabutons. Zafus are the cushion you sit on to meditate. The zabuton traditionally lays on the floor and provides extra comfort and warmth while you sit on top with your zafu. We have a variety of colors, sizes, fillings and patterns to choose from. Whether you are a beginner at meditation or an adept with years of experience, these wonderful cushions will only enhance your experience and motivate you to continue your practice. These cushions can also be used for any activity where sitting on the floor is necessary.

Meditation Zafu Cushions

Our meditation zafu cushions are the perfect compliment for your meditation practice. Each zafu is handmade by Buddhist practitioners who employ the art of mindfulness when crafting each meditation cushion.

Crescent Zafus

We have a beautiful selection of crescent zafus that are ideal for use in your meditation practice. The tapered effect of our crescent shaped zafus will allow you to meditate for long periods of time without loss of circulation.

Zabuton Cushions

Our zabutons are ideal for placing your support cushion on while meditating. While you can sit on them directly, most practitioners of mediation prefer to place a zafu on top while meditating.

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