Magic Amulets

Most people who use magical amulets just know that they work. But there is a spiritual principle behind the power an amulet talisman possesses. Actually, a large percentage of amulets are constructed according to the tenets of sympathetic and contagious magic. This form of magic states that like cures like and like things produce like effects.

Magic amulets work because they are symbols or representations of certain spiritual truths. These symbols, or good luck amulets, can be employed to achieve a particular set of results on a worldly level. For example, Tyrolese hunters wear eagle feathers as sacred talismans when they wish to gain the keen eyesight of this bird. Another example is men and women who wear a green amulet (the color of vegetation) to increase fertility.

Contagious magic works due to the principle that things that were once in contact will retain their bond (after they are separated). Such objects as feathers, locks of hair, stones from sacred temples, cloth from revered monks, etc. are commonly employed in creating a sacred amulet. By acting on one part, the whole is affected. Thus one can attract good fortune and luck from a small piece of a sacred object, which is usually used to create the talisman.