Lit Flower Arrangements

category If you are looking for Asian decor that is unique and inspiring, our lit flower arrangements may be the perfect choice. They are sure to catch the eyes of all who see them, impressing your guests and delighting you every time you view them. Each set contains 6 individual stems with 13 artificial flower lights on each stem. All of the stems are fully bendable so that they can independently be shaped in any way you like. Have them reach straight up as though reaching for the sun, or you could have them bent in different directions like vines. These awesome arrangements come complete in a beautifully etched bamboo floor vase. Everything you need to display them as shown in the photos is included: 110 volt cord, bulbs and light switch. Choose from a variety of attractive colors. You may even wish to purchase several colors and combine them for a truly magnificent spectacle. Place these fabulous floral lights in your bedroom, living room, den or even outdoor on your patio during warm evenings for a romantic touch. There is virtually no limit to the creative ways these lit floral arrangements can be used for your decor. Order yours today!