Landscape Chinese Scrolls

One of the oldest of all subject themes in Chinese art is the painting of natural landscapes. Landscape paintings from China can be found from over 3,000 years ago and are now featured in many books and museums. The Chinese of ancient times held the natural world in high regard. They loved to portray and capture it on canvas, where it could then be displayed in homes, temples and palaces. The artists of China, past and present, sought out every natural wonder and piece of land for their subject pieces. Some of these included the storied Taoist mountains, the Great Wall of China, the beautiful Yellow River, and any place that projected natural beauty. The painting of landscapes on scrolls became very popular early on. In this way, Chinese artists could paint several or more scenes, each on its own scroll, and then place the scrolls next to each other to tell a story. Many landscape scrolls were painted in sets of four, one for each season of the year. Our exotic Chinese landscape scrolls are perfect for adding an authentic Chinese touch to any decorative setting in your home. Choose from a variety of colors, sizes and seasons.

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