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Hanging lanterns create a beautiful decorative effect almost anywhere they are hung. Colorful and bright, they convey a homely feeling and are extremely prevalent in the Orient. Choose from three styles of hanging lanterns, including our traditional Asian themed paper hanging lamps. Our Asian paper hanging lamps are made from saa paper and wood and exhibit stunning Oriental designs such as the dragon, the yin-yang symbol, the Buddha, Chinese characters and more. We also carry party string lights, for those looking to create a festive and colorful mood at any party, event or gathering. These party string lights are ideal for holidays such as Christmas and New Years. For a more traditional look, we have a vast selection of stunning silk lanterns. All of these Asian silk lanterns were made in Vietnam and make lovely and relaxing Oriental decor wherever they are hung. Choose from six gorgeous colors.

All of our colorful silk lanterns are imported directly from Vietnam. Each lantern is constructed by hand with finely woven Vietnamese silk and bamboo for a super high quality look and feel. Additionally, each silk lantern comes with a convenient bracket mounted on top for easy hanging. These lanterns are the perfect way to decorate your home and add an Asian atmosphere to any setting. We have an assortment of styles and colors to choose from. Check out our complete selection of Asian silk lanterns right here.

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The Chinese have used paper hanging lamps for centuries to brighten and decorate their environment. Our fine selection of elegant paper hanging lamps continues that tradition. Easily enhance the appearance of any room with our colorful and festive Asian hanging lamps, made and shipped directly from the Orient.

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Chinese paper lanterns are one of the hallmarks of Asian decor and have been used in China for over a thousand years. The paper lantern from China was first used in that country to ward away bad or evil spirits. Later, people began decorating Chinese lanterns with designs of ancient or mythical figures, dragons, Chinese characters, landscape designs and animals. Competitions were held to see who had the most beautiful paper lanterns. Although the Chinese paper lantern was the first form of portable light anywhere in the world, it soon took on an additional meaning as an art form. Paper Chinese lanterns were crafted by skilled artisans all over the country, and festivals such as the mid-autumn festival were inspired by their beauty and magic. Today, paper lanterns from China are mostly used as decoration but can still light up a room with their brilliant colorful effects. We at Oriental-Decor.com have a large assortment of Chinese paper lanterns, all printed with unique and striking Asian themed designs. Each Chinese lantern measures 16" in diameter and is available with optional lighting kit. Buy more than one lantern and the shipping price of each successive lantern drops dramatically. Check out our full selection right here and click on an image for a larger view.

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Brighten up any pathway or corner with our LED glowing Asian lanterns - a great decorative item for indoor and outdoor settings. We offer two sizes of paper glowing lanterns: 8-inch diameter and 12-inch diameter. Choose the size to fit your needs. Just insert 3 AAA batteries into any size of our Asian glowing lanterns to receive approximately 12 hours of beautiful light. A convenient switch at the bottom of the lanterns makes them easy to turn them on and off. These wonderful glowing lanterns from Asia can either be hung from a ceiling or placed on a flat surface. Use these colorful lanterns for weddings and outdoor events by hanging them from trees or lines. Additionally, they will bring to life any indoor area, where many decorative uses are available. Light up your indoor or outdoor decor today with one or more of our fabulous LED lanterns from Asia.

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Our hanging ceiling lamps make ideal decorative light fixtures and accent pieces in any room. Choose from a variety of shapes, colors and sizes to pick the perfect Asian ceiling lamp for your d

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