How to Hang your Wall Fan

Once you have received your beautiful hand-painted folding wall fan, just how do you go about hanging it on the wall? Well, you can use any method that you would normally use to hang a normal picture or painting, and in addition you can simply use double-sided tape to secure the fan to the wall. We'll give you some easy step by step instructions here to make things go smoothely!

Illustration of opening a wall fan correctly.When you receive your fan, remove all packaging materials and hold it in front of you with the single pivot screw towards the bottom of the fan. Now you can easily unfold the fan by twisting the bamboo slats in a clockwise direction. The fan should easily open to it's full width of 60 inches (40 inches for our smaller sized fans). There is never any need to remove the fan pivot screw--all fans open easily in a clockwise direction.

Illustration of hanging a wall fan correctly.One of the most popular methods used to hang the wall fan is to use double sided tape, readily available from most discount stores. Our wall fans are all made from very strong Thai bamboo, which has the added benefit of being light. Double sided tape, applied to a few places on the fans ribs, can easily hold the fan in place and using this method you can also easily move the fan should you want to reposition it later on. As a final bit of added security, you can add a single normal picture hook or hanger at the bottom of the fan if you wish.

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