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Inexpensive and elegant decor is never hard to find at Oriental-Decor.com. Spectacular Japanese and Chinese table fans come with a small stant for easy display. You can take your style with you whereever you go with stunning hand-painted or quality print handfans. Did you notice the audience at the 2008 Olympic games in Beijing? Nearly everyone, from every nation was discovering what the Chinese have known for centuries: The best way to stay cool with flair is the versatile Chinese handfan!

category Asian hand fans are a great way to cool off in style. These wonderful paperhand fans from China and Thailand also make great party favors and gifts.Colorful, light and easy to open and close, our selection of folding handfans is sure to be a hit anywhere they are seen. For our solid color paperhand fans, order a dozen or more for quantity discounts - with shippingrate discounts extended for orders of only two or more paper fans. All ofour hand fans with designs are hand-painted on fabric material andhandcrafted in Thailand. We carry several sizes and materials, including abeautiful selection of velvet hand fans. Use these attractive Thai handfans for decoration on your wall, as table fans, or as a fashion prop.Check out our complete selection below.

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category Our Japanese Geisha paddle fans are all strikingly beautiful and very colorful. Each fan is made with a bamboo handle and comes with a color printed design on a quality paper canvas. Use these unique Japanese hand fans for decoration on your wall or to cool off when the weather becomes hot. These special Japanese fans are a traditional favorite in Asia, where the paddle design extends back thousands of years. These attractive fans from Japan can also be used as party favors or gifts at your next event. Sold individually or in sets. Discounts available when purchasing 12 or more handfans or paddle fans -- mix and match your favorite colors to match your party theme!

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