Glowing Asian Lanterns

category Brighten up any pathway or corner with our LED glowing Asian lanterns - a great decorative item for indoor and outdoor settings. We offer two sizes of paper glowing lanterns: 8-inch diameter and 12-inch diameter. Choose the size to fit your needs. Just insert 3 AAA batteries into any size of our Asian glowing lanterns to receive approximately 12 hours of beautiful light. A convenient switch at the bottom of the lanterns makes them easy to turn them on and off. These wonderful glowing lanterns from Asia can either be hung from a ceiling or placed on a flat surface. Use these colorful lanterns for weddings and outdoor events by hanging them from trees or lines. Additionally, they will bring to life any indoor area, where many decorative uses are available. Light up your indoor or outdoor decor today with one or more of our fabulous LED lanterns from Asia.

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