Garden Umbrellas

Garden umbrellas are a great way to enjoy the benefits of the outdoors without the ravaging effects of long exposure to the sun. Most garden umbrellas are wide enough to provide shade to as many as four people sitting underneath it. If you have a garden, patio, pool or any outdoor space, you may consider cooling and protecting yourself with one of our many beautiful garden umbrellas. Most of our garden umbrellas are waterproof as well.

Garden umbrellas are made from different materials, depending on their quality and price. All of our garden umbrellas are made from wood, either bamboo or teak. Bamboo wood is sturdy, durable and a staple of many of our garden umbrellas. Teak wood is a more rare and expensive wood that is used in only some of our garden umbrellas. The shading of garden umbrellas can vary quite a lot as well depending on quality and price.

Many of the shades on our garden umbrellas are made from cotton soaked in oil while a few are made from canvas. Typically, garden umbrellas are big, and ours range from seven to eight feet in height. The shades of our garden umbrellas have a diameter of six to seven feet, to provide plenty of protection from the sun and sometimes the rain. Our garden umbrellas are completely weatherproof and can be left outdoors all year long.

Each one of our garden umbrellas can be purchased either with or without a base. For those who don't have a table (with a hole or holder in it) or base already, buying the base for the garden umbrella is probably a necessity. Our garden umbrellas are easy to move, open, close and clean. We take pride in the many colors and unique designs of garden umbrellas we offer our customers.