Dragon Chinese Scrolls

Of all the creatures in Chinese history and legend, none more exemplifies the spirit and strength of the middle kingdom than the fabled dragon. A mythical creature that embodies the features of several animals at once, the dragon is the most powerful and revered icon in all of Asia. The Chinese believed the dragon could control the weather and water and easily swim in the roughest oceans and fly through the highest clouds. So enamored were they with the dragon that the past emperors of China took it to be their official emblem. The Chinese zodiac, Chinese holidays and Chinese artwork are filled with images, stories and figures of the dragon. Today the dragon continues to enjoy great popularity, not just in China, but around the world. All of our Chinese dragon scrolls are a tribute to that mighty creature, who is associated with power, strength and authority. Display any of these awesome dragon scroll paintings to create a compelling decorative statement in your home or business.

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