Oriental Fans

Large wall fans date back to antiquity, when the Egyptians, Romans and the Chinese used decorative wall fans. The most common material used for large wall fans is bamboo wood, which forms the spokes and base of the fan. But rosewood, boxwood and cedar were also used at one time or another to make decorative wall fans. The "face" of large wall fans is usually made of canvas but a particular form of leaf was used hundreds of years ago in some parts of the world.

Decorative wall fans are one of the most beautiful ways you can decorate your home. These large wall fans come in an endless variety of designs and colors. Most oriental-themed decorative wall fans contain scenes of nature - an Asian hamlet or village is usually depicted along with the sky, mountains, trees and lakes. Some large wall fans have one primary color for a theme while others are multi-colored. Usually, the artist of decorative wall fans paints the background, which is mostly the sky, shadows and distant mountains. After the paint dries, the artist paints the foreground.

The style of each artist is different but most decorative wall fans look similar in nature. Almost all large wall fans have an impressionistic style of painting to them, and the vast majority of them are painted in acrylics. Oil paints are typically reserved for paintings and not large wall fans. Although paintings are beautiful in their own right, large wall fans are quickly becoming a very trendy and popular item. On Oriental-decor.com, they are by far the most popular seller.

Decorative wall fans also come in themed styles, as opposed to landscapes and nature. These themed large wall fans usually contain pictures of animals or native American Indians. Some animals, like tigers and elephants are representative of the Orient. But most large wall fans contain animals that can be found in any region of the world, including penguins, dolphins, dogs, eagles, etc. But whether you buy a traditional large wall fan or a themed fan, your home or office will prosper and you'll appreciate your fan every time you look at it.