Colored Gemstone Jewelry

  Colored gemstone jewelry is more than just aesthetically pleasing; it is something that evokes an intrinsic wonder. Anyone who has ever strolled down a beach and has picked up the kind of shiny gemstones used in jewelry made with colored gemstones knows the feeling of awe and wonder they impart. At their simplest level, gemstones connect to us on a primal level and are one of the most beautiful objects on our planet. Most people who enjoy gemstone jewelry do not realize that working in stone is one of the oldest art forms known to man - if you consider ancient flint knapping as a form of cutting stone.

  In truth, colored gemstone jewelry has been worn since the time of the ancient Egyptians, when Pharaohs and nobility could be seen adorning them. The magic and allure of colored gemstone jewelry has actually been an integral part of the lore of many cultures for centuries. Some gemstone experts really believe the fascination of gemstone jewelry dates back to the beginning of civilization. For example, ancient man thought that the blue of sapphires evoked visions of the heavens and that the red color of rubies was a reminder of the soul of life. By the era of the Roman period, colored gemstone rings were a treasured symbol of power, and those in the highest power wore gemstone rings on all their fingers.

  Another essential reason that people from all eras have worn gemstone jewelry of many colors is because they are thought to possess an innate magical power and endow the wearer with particular faculties. According to tradition, yellow stones can heal jaundice; red stones can curtail the flow of blood; emeralds are good for the eyes; sapphires indicate wisdom and magnanimous thoughts (when worn by a man); and a ruby worn by a woman is indicative of a regal air. It is also interesting to realize that people thought so highly of gemstones' powers that they were used to predict the future, as health aids, as talismans and amulets, and as intrinsic elements in many religious practices. Whether or not colored gemstone jewelry possesses real powers or not, it is certainly one of the most beautiful forms of art and a great way to enhance anyone's look.