Chinese Lanterns

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category Chinese paper lanterns are one of the hallmarks of Asian decor and have been used in China for over a thousand years. The paper lantern from China was first used in that country to ward away bad or evil spirits. Later, people began decorating Chinese lanterns with designs of ancient or mythical figures, dragons, Chinese characters, landscape designs and animals. Competitions were held to see who had the most beautiful paper lanterns. Although the Chinese paper lantern was the first form of portable light anywhere in the world, it soon took on an additional meaning as an art form. Paper Chinese lanterns were crafted by skilled artisans all over the country, and festivals such as the mid-autumn festival were inspired by their beauty and magic. Today, paper lanterns from China are mostly used as decoration but can still light up a room with their brilliant colorful effects. We at have a large assortment of Chinese paper lanterns, all printed with unique and striking Asian themed designs. Each Chinese lantern measures 16" in diameter and is available with optional lighting kit. Buy more than one lantern and the shipping price of each successive lantern drops dramatically. Check out our full selection right here and click on an image for a larger view.

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