Qipao Dresses

category The Qipao is an elegant and distinctive dress that was first designed during the Qing dynasty in China, around the 17th century. Now a close-fitting dress with a high neck and short sleeves, the Qipao dress is worn by women all over the world, but was originally created just for royalty. During the time it was first worn, the Qipao dress was actually loose-fitting and the garment would reach down to the insteps. The first Qipao dresses were embroidered and often made from silk. By the 1920s in China, the Qipao had gained popularity with the common population, and many women favored it. Over the next 30-40 years, the Qipao became shorter and more form-fitting. The result can be seen in the beautiful selection of Qipao dresses below. We are proud to be able to continue the long-standing tradition that began in China, and offer these unique works of fashionable art to our customers. Many Western women have come to love the look of the Qipao and enjoy wearing them. Stitched with timeless Chinese motifs, like the plum blossom and the dragon, these regal-looking dresses are offered here in a wide variety of sizes and colors. Ideal for use at events, parties or just a night on the town, our fabulous Qipao dresses will make you look ravishing wherever you go.

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