Chinese Calligraphy Scrolls

The art of calligraphy has been prized in China since the inception of its writing system thousands of years ago. The use of words or symbols alone as an expression of pure art is a foreign concept to the Western world. However, the Chinese believed it to be equal to or beyond other forms of traditional painting. Since the beginning, Chinese artists have painted calligraphy on paper, scrolls, ceramics and lacquerware, among other materials. While many took up the pen, few excelled to the level of master in Chinese calligraphy. This is because unlike other forms of art, the calligrapher cannot double back on his stroke or reverse it. He or she only has one chance to make each stroke a perfect work of art. Although it may appear simple and easy to paint, it's actually quite difficult. Great focus and concentration are needed for each work to be considered a worthy piece of art. Today, Chinese calligraphy scrolls are quite popular in the West, and can be seen in homes, businesses, offices, martial arts studios, restaurants and museums. While each calligraphy scroll has a meaning intended to centers our thoughts, the beauty of the scroll can ultimately be found in the brushstrokes. Browse our complete selection and note that we offer a complimentary selection of various colors. All of our calligraphy scrolls are crafted in China and will serve as perfect Asian adornments to any room.

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