Grow Bonsai Trees

So you have a bonsai tree, or want one, and have little or no experience training one with proper bonsai tree care. Well, have no fear, as this article is all about proper bonsai tree care. It is essential that you know some basic facts if you want to grow bonsai trees. The first thing you should be aware of is how often your tree needs to be watered. This will depend on the type of bonsai tree you have and a number of other factors, such as temperature, quantity of soil, seasons, lighting conditions and tree location. A good way to judge if your growing bonsai tree needs water is to buy a moisture meter, where a needle will point out when the tree needs to be watered. Moisture meters are often inexpensive to buy.

Another big factor in bonsai tree care is knowing how often to fertilize your tree. Due to bonsai trees containing limited soil, feed is very important. A growing bonsai tree needs a smaller amount of feed in the spring and a larger amount of feed in the fall. Your bonsai tree feed should include three ingredients -- phosphoric acid, nitrogen and potash. Proper bonsai tree care means watering your tree before you fertilize it, and providing about half the serving suggested by the fertilizer brand you use.

The third factor in caring for bonsai trees is humidity. Since most bonsai trees grow in conditions considerably more humid than our homes and offices, it is a good idea to spray mist on them. But an even better idea for growing bonsai trees is to place a humidity tray under the bonsai tree and fill it with water. The water in the tray will evaporate and create a humid environment for the tree every hour of the day.

The last factor for proper bonsai tree care is allowing the correct amount of sunlight onto your tree. Except after respotting and trimming, bonsai trees should be set in a location with a lot of sun. A growing bonsai tree needs to be near a window and receive light exposure from the east, west or south. If this is not possible, you can place your bonsai tree under a bright light source, but not more than one foot from the light.

By implement these four easy tips, bonsai tree care can not only be rewarding but also fun.