Bamboo Home Decor

Bamboo decor is a very popular theme in Asian decor. It has a natural and airy feel to it that seems to enhance the look of anything made or designed with it. The Orient has used bamboo decor in their homes and palaces for over a thousand years. While bamboo itself has many uses, one of the best is the soft and beautiful decorative effect it gives off.

Bamboo is used all around the world to craft beautiful, durable, natural home decor. It has wonderful qualities, being both very strong and resiliant, and also asthetically pleasing. Bamboo products are biodegradable and it grows quickly making it a prime renewable resource. Bamboo is also used all over the East as a symbol of tranquility, and resiliency.

We have an extensive selection of handcrafted and hand-painted bamboo decor that includes Japanese shoji screens, Chinese scroll paintings with bamboo themes and subject matter, Asian paintings, Oriental wall fans, and stunning bamboo rugs. Check out entire bamboo decor collection today and find the perfect piece for your home or office.