Asian Tableware

The craftmanship, materials, and traditions of the countries of Southeast Asia are uniquely represented in our several categories of hand selected tableware items. Straight from Thailand to your table, serve you next bowl of curry on a hand carved mangowood tray or trivet. Use a Chinese celedon tea pot or a Japanese sake set to keep the cha coming at your next gathering. Chopsticks are scarce in the Western kitchen, but essential whether serving Japanese sushi, pad thai or Chinese kung pow, and a quality set of chopsticks are a very inexpensive way to impress your dinner guests. Browse through all our Asian Tableware categories below:

In ancient times, only royalty could afford to eat with such richly decorated chopsticks, but now you can too at super affordable prices. Each chopstick set is a work of art in itself and feels rich to the hand and mouth. If you have never tried eating with a pair of these special chopsticks, you are in for a treat. Use them for everyday eating for gatherings and fancy occasions.

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Life in Asia is centered around the meal--whether it's sushi, dim sum, pad thai, curried rice or spicy noodles, we have the dishes you need to set the table in style. You can find an assortment of stunning mugs, beautiful bowl sets and awesome wood coasters all right here. Some of our mugs come with a tea strainer and all feature Asian-themed designs. They are perfect for drinking tea, coffee or any beverage. Our bowl sets feature unique Oriental themes and are a great way to add a colorful Asian touch to any meal. We also have a splendid line of wood coasters featuring Chinese designs on them. Each set comes with 6 unique coaster designs and is ideal for using with our mugs or any cup or glass. Check back here often for new additions.

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Our Chinese Tea Sets are the perfect way to add a decorative flair to any table setting. Impress your guests with our beautiful celadon tea sets while drinking your tea in elegance and style. Celadon is a popular and attractive glaze applied to porcelain or clay pottery and produced in a wide variety of colors. It is often used in the making of Asian pottery and provides a rich and magnificent look.

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An authentic sake set can be that essential missing ingredient to a successful meal in the Asian style. In a Japanese home, sake is always at the ready to welcome friends or to toast in good news. Attractively displayed on a sideboard or shelf, the elegant sake set stands ready for serving wine or tea as well as saki. Whatever your occasion, from an important business dinner to an intimate evening for two, the charm of a Japanese saki set can help set the proper mood. Choose from six colorfully unique sets, all of which include a lovely, genuine bamboo serving tray. Our reasonable prices assure that everyone can have a taste of the Orient, so drink up! Any of these sake sets will make a sophisticated and interesting gift as well.

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Oriental serving trays are a great way to add a stylish decorative appearance to any festive table or kitchen. All of our serving trays are handcrafted in the Orient and made from high quality lacquered elm wood giving them an antique look and finish. Each Oriental serving tray possesses its own unique shape and motif. These exotic wood trays are not just practical accessories but timeless art pieces that will thrill you and your guests for years to come. Any of these fabulous Oriental trays will make a great gift for lovers of Asian decor.

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