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Asian Clothing

Qipao Dresses

Many Western women have come to love the look of the Qipao and enjoy wearing them. Stitched with timeless Chinese motifs, like the plum blossom and the dragon, these regal-looking dresses are offered here in a wide variety of sizes and colors. Ideal for use at events, parties or just a night on the town, our fabulous Qipao dresses will make you look ravishing wherever you go.

Chinese Blouses

Every woman should have an Asian element in her wardrobe for those occasions when you want to make an impression. The women of China have enjoyed the privilege of being able to wear these beautiful and colorful blouses for centuries.

Kung Fu and Tai Chi Suits

For those who wish to partake of more spiritual and relaxing pursuits, we have a great assortment of monk uniforms and meditation robes. These garments are excellent for practicing your meditation while providing a soft fitting form that will not hinder your movements.

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Chinese blouses, qipao, cheongsam and kimono
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