Thai Amulets

category A Thai amulet is a charm that is generally worn around the neck or carried for good luck and protection against evil. Our Buddhist Thai amulet collection is made in the temples of Thailand by Thai monks. Exotic and mystical, we have a diverse assembly of Thai amulets, each with its own unique protective power. Our Thai Buddhist amulets all are all imbued with the good karma and positive energy of the monks that made them. In Thailand, monks hold a valuable role in society, and the next best thing to being a monk or having one in your family is to wear a Buddha amulet created by a monk. Most of our protective Thai amulets are one-of-a-kind pieces which cannot be replaced. Each Thai amulet comes in a protective metal case that has a ring on top from where it can be strung onto a rope or chain and worn around the neck. A few of our amulets from Thailand include an attractive silver color neck chain, as can be seen in the photos of our Thai amulet collection. We have a vast selection of Thai amulets on hand. Click on the "view now" button to see larger pictures and detailed descriptions about each Buddhist amulet. Choose the perfect Thai amulet for you and feel and enjoy its protective nature for years to come. All of our amulets are very reasonably priced.