The Amazing Hand-painted Asian Wall Fan

Want to make a major impact to your home decor without the major hit to your pocketbook?

Asian wall fans have that "Wow" factor that can give you a real bang for your buck!

Adding a genuine, one-of-a-kind fan painting to your wall can make all the difference, as these hand-painted scenes are unique, timeless, impactful and awesome!

Today, many of the finest hand and wall fans are hand-crafted in Thailand, the jewel of Southeast Asia. Thailand has an abundance of the finest bamboo, a world-renown for fabrics (such as Thai silk) and a distinguished reputation for the finest artists. As such, the are rivaled only by China in the creation of exquisite bamboo fans.

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Opening your Wall Fan

A gif of a red wall fan being opened and closed.

All wall fans open in a clockwise direction.

As you hold the fan looking at the front, it opens in the same way that the hands of a wall clock move.

From a fully closed position, the fan will start to open in either direction, and you will start to see the painted design, but be careful! If opened backwards the fan will begin to feel "springy".

You need to stop opening it at this point!

So, it may begin to open backwards about halfway, but forcing it past this point may damage it.

Open it clockwise and it will slide completely open very easily.

The video below should answer any further questions you may have.

Hanging your Artwork

Just like a painting, there are many methods for hanging the wall fan.

Hooks and painting hangers available at any hardware store make it easy. Check out this page on hanging your fan for the best ideas.

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