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Oriental-Decor.com is proud to offer one of the finest selections of Eastern Statues on the Internet - including a large variety of stunning bronze Eastern Statues, a beautiful selection of resin statues, and a magnificent assortment of handcrafted and hand-painted wooden statues. Place our Eastern Statues in home or office for a wonderfully enhancing decorative effect.

category Our high quality resin statues extend the long tradition of Asian statues and Chinese sculptures used for artistic decoration. The majority of early Chinese statues were Buddhist in nature, which is reflected in our resin statues. The Buddha is a sacred figure that is often portrayed in stone, wood, terracotta and in resin statues. Guardian figures were also a prominent theme in early Asian statues, especially for the Chinese. Our resin statues boast a number of guardian figures, including Chinese foo dogs and famous Chinese generals. Many of these early guardian Chinese statues were meant to protect tombs or palaces and are often seen in pairs. Through the centuries, Asian statues changed in appearance, as new styles and trends developed. Our inspiring line of Asian resin statues reflects those changes, with statues from the early Han and Qing dynasties up to modern-day contemporary sculptures. A well-carved resin statue is timeless in essence and attracts power and beauty to wherever it is placed. Browse through our varied selection of attractive resin statues today.

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category All of our Buddhist statues are crafted in Asia and convey the image and feeling of the Buddha - the perfect enlightened being. Buddhist statues can be seen in many places throughout Asia and are not only used as decoration, but hold important symbolic meaning. Many Asian peoples like to display Buddha statues in their homes and businesses. They believe that a figure of the Buddha attracts luck and prosperity, while offering protection from evil. We have traveled the Orient to provide you with a vast selection of Asian Buddhist statues in a variety of colors and poses. These statues of the Buddha are ideal for decorating or displaying on a shelf, table, desk or stand. See our entire selection below. We're sure you'll find the ideal Buddha statue for your home!

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category Oriental-Decor.com is proud to offer our beautiful and inspiration line of Hindu statues. Each Hindu statue is made of bronze and holds an important symbolic meaning in relation to Hinduism. Make one of our Hindu statues the centerpiece ornament in any room for outstanding Asian decor.

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category A Thai amulet is a charm that is generally worn around the neck, or carried, for good luck and protection against evil. All of our amulets are made in Thailand temples by monks. Beautiful in design and exotically appealing, each amulet contains a sacred image of a Buddha figure or monk.

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