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Wall fan anging about a table

Oriental art is one of the most attractive art forms in the world. It has been in high demand for centuries and consists of art forms from the numerous countries in Asia. Most people associate Oriental art with Japanese Geisha girls or Chinese watercolors, but there are additional types of Oriental art. The scrolls, vases and paintings of the Orient have stood the test of time for centuries with their rich vivid colors and use of fine detail. Other art pieces of Oriental art include umbrellas, fans and lamps.

The simplicity of line and purity of color helps make Oriental art one of the most popular of all time. The Oriental influence can be seen in interior decorating throughout the Eastern and Western hemispheres. Its beauty and efficiency allows it to blend into even the most nontraditional of decorations. Many people use Oriental art to give their home personality and style. One of the most popular forms of Oriental art is the wall fan.