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About Oriental-Decor.com

Bonsai gardenOriental-Decor.com began in 2003, bringing the wonderful decor of Asia to retail and wholesale customers across the globe. Six years later we marked a major milestone when we shipped our 10,000th order, but we have not forgotten the Zen teaching of "Beginner's Mind" -- we continually strive to learn from our customers and provide the best products, service, and buying experience that we possibly can.

As direct importers from Asia, we travel the world each year in search of new and exciting trends in fashion and art. This experience has allowed us to vastly expand our product lines and to offer unique, imported goods from such diverse regions as Thailand, China, Vietnam, India, Bali, Taiwan and Hong Kong. While one hand tracks the rushing pulse of Asia, the other hand rests securely in the US, where we can give exceptional customer service and fast, convenient shipping from our Florida location.

Being a small business, we provide every customer with personalized service, real people to talk with by phone, and a warm friendly smile with each order. We know the value of word-of-mouth marketing, which is why we go the extra mile to be sure you are fully satisfied with your purchase. Many of our customers refer friends and family and return to us again and again.

About The Founders

Oriental-Decor.com founders Oriental-Decor.com was founded by two Americans, Chad Walner (a travel writer) and Ted Rinquest (a graphics designer). The founders have known each other since the spring of 2003, when a chance meeting resulted in an amiable friendship. Chad was in Thailand for Muay Thai boxing and Ted was rock climbing.

Not long after becoming friends, the two decided to partner their skills and create Oriental-Decor.com. The website was off and running in July of 2003 and the duo quickly found their life calling. Today, Chad and Ted work around the clock to make Oriental-Decor.com one of the most respected and sought out websites in the world for Asian decor.

Our Mission Statement and Company Values are:

  • To continually bring the best and most interesting decor that Asia has to offer to the global market place. We have full time staff in Asia constantly searching for the best, new products for our customers to love.

  • To offer the best possible products at the lowest possible prices. To do this, we seek out and partner with individual craftsmen, artisens and small cottage industries in Asia, eliminating the middlemen that inflate the costs of imports. This allows us to offer our customers totally unique, handmade items at prices similar to mass-produced products.

  • To provide our customers the most satisfying purchase experience they've ever had. We receive emails and feedback every day telling us we're on the right track, and we request the opinions of all our customers, looking for any way we can improve. We like to stay in contact with our customers during and after a sale and we are always just a phone call, email, live chat or tweet away!

  • To update and improve our website daily. We are constantly seeking new ways to enhance user functions, photos, descriptions, product information and much more. We welcome you to visit our website regularly and let us know what you think.
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