3D Wooden World Maps

category If you're looking for truly unique and beautiful wall decor, perhaps nothing can beat our 3D wooden world maps The wood grain maps are made of natural birch plywood, which is a furniture grade type of wood. The colored maps use high quality MDF fiberboard for perfect flatness and consistant colors. We use special laser technology to etch each one of our 3D wooden world maps. This is a process that was only first invented a few years ago. Each 3D wood world map you see below can be purchased in a variety of sizes, and all vary from 6mm to 15mm thick, giving a beautifully textured 3D effect. We also offer two different options for detail -- either blank or with country names. The large and extra-large size have most capital names as well. Customers like our 3D wooden world maps because they have a depth, texture and color to them that magnificently stands out on any wall. Imagine having a wooden world map like the ones you see below in your office. Or maybe even in your hallway or living room. These 3D wooden world maps would also look great in certain business establishments, like restaurants, attorney offices and many other types of businesses. Not only are they eye-catching, but they are also great conversation pieces. Installation is easy and each wooden map includes special double-sided sticky tape. If you're a world traveler, or dream of being one someday, you may want to pinpoint the places you've traveled to or wish to see. We've thought of that and offer optional accessories for you to make your 3D wooden world map an interactive art piece. Just see our wooden wall map accessories category for options.

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