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Porcelain Vases :: Flower Blossom Tung Chi Vase

Flower Blossom Tung Chi Vase

"Breaking flower branches, I was frolicking in front of our gate." The great Chinese poet Li Bai of the Tang Dynasty wrote those words over twelve hundred years ago to begin his famous ode, "The River Merchant's Wife." With those words, he introduced generations of Chinese to a tale of love and longing, as a young woman remembered the day she first met her love, now parted from her, and aches to travel across China to be with him again. It is easy to fall in love with our beautiful Flower Blossom Tung Chi Vase, but you won't have to travel across China to get one. Like all our vases, the fine example is hand painted and hand-lacquered by a family of Chinese artists who have been practicing their trade for generations. After the vase was coated in black lacquer, flowering plum blossom branches were painstakingly painted atop the lacquer. The flowering plum has long been grown throughout China, and has been the subject of many poems and pieces of art. It represents strength and nobility, because it blossoms in the dead of winter when snow still lies heavily on the ground and the rest of nature lies quietly dormant. For that reason, plum blossoms have become a favorite decoration for the Chinese New Year, as family and friends get together to say goodbye to the old year and welcome in the new. So, whether you're getting together with family and friends, or remembering a loved one who can't be with you, this vase is a perfect accent to any room.

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Dimensions14"H x 7.5" Diameter
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Flower Blossom Tung Chi Vase

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