Striking Dolphins

Striking Dolphins :: Decorative Wall Fans
Dolphins are symbolic of intelligence and harmony in Asian culture. Here a pair of dolphins calmy swim through an enchanting Asian sea.
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Jungle Lord

Jungle Lord :: Decorative Wall Fans
Jaguars are known for their stealth, speed and gracefulness. This spectacular fan amazingly captures in close detail the likeness of an Asian jaguar.
40" width $28.95
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Frolicking Dolphins

Frolicking Dolphins :: Decorative Wall Fans
A pair of Dolphins playfully swim in the waters of the Orient as a full moon shines above them.
40" width $28.95
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Asian Tiger

Asian Tiger :: Decorative Wall Fans
In Asia, tigers are renowned for their fierecness, bravery and beauty. This masterful work portrays an Asian tiger sitting in its natural environment.
40" width $28.95
60" width $38.95
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Alaskan Wolf

Alaskan Wolf :: Decorative Wall Fans
Wolves are symbolic of teachers and those who serve as a guide to enlightenment. This eye-catching fan depicts a real Alaskan wolf deep in the snowy mountains during the winter season.
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Indian Stallions

Indian Stallions :: Decorative Wall Fans
Wild stallions are known for their power, stamina and speed. This fan captures a group of multi-colored stallions galloping through the wild lands of Asia.
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Big Cats

Big Cats :: Decorative Wall Fans
This amazing fan must be seen in person to be fully appreciated. It depicts two stunning, life-like Bengali tigers. If you are a tiger-lover, or even just appreciate the beauty of the big cats, then this wall fan is for you.
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