Cranes Facing East

Cranes Facing East :: Cork Sculpture
What better way to enhance your decor than with this fabulous Oriental cork sculpture. Four Chinese cranes in action poses are the featured motif of this exotic piece.
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Peacock Land

Peacock Land :: Cork Sculpture
Two spectacular white-plumed Chinese peacocks graze the landscape of this contemporary Asian cork sculpture. At 14 inches in height, this one-of-a-kind piece is sure to be a marvelous display in any area of your home or office.
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Distant Land

Distant Land :: Cork Sculpture
This neat little cork sculpture can be put on any flat surface to addinstant charm and appeal. The sculpture is housed on a thick base andall of the wood is painted black.
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Nesting Peacocks

Nesting Peacocks :: Cork Sculpture
One of our favorite cork sculptures, this unique piece features twowhite-plumed Chinese peacocks nesting in the wild. They are surroundedby a rectangular frame that is completely lacquered in a rosewoodfinish.
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Dancing Cranes

Dancing Cranes  :: Cork Sculpture
Five exotic white Chinese cranes are the theme of this magnificentdecorative cork sculpture. Each crane has the appearance of feathers of black and white on their bodies and appear almost real.
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White Plumed Peacocks

White Plumed Peacocks :: Cork Sculpture
This amazing cork sculpture is one of our most beautiful, featuring two white plumed Chinese peacocks. The wood frame is stained a gorgeous rosewood finish to provide a rich decorative touch to this majestic piece.
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Vast Horizons

Vast Horizons :: Cork Sculpture
A magical Asian landscape with a large juniper tree, a two-tier pagodaand a pair of white Chinese cranes make up the theme of this beautifulcork sculpture. This piece is wider than it is tall and is ideal fordecorating any flat surface with a wide s
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Cranes in Autumn

Cranes in Autumn :: Cork Sculpture
This delightful cork sculpture has two white Chinese cranes and a small pagoda as its motif. Trees and a steep ledge make up the exotic backdrop. Place this fine Asian sculpture anywhere for superb decoration.
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Rosewood Cranes

Rosewood Cranes :: Cork Sculpture
A juniper tree hangs over a magical Asian landscape that includes a quiet pagoda and white Chinese cranes. The rosewood finish on the wooden frame gives this cork sculpture a rich and magnificent look.
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Panda World

Panda World :: Cork Sculpture
This extra large cork sculpture stands a full 18.5 inches tall and will be a stand out piece on any table or stand. It features a family of Chinese pandas frolicking in a magical land.
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Wondrous Land

Wondrous Land :: Cork Sculpture
This large cork sculpture contains a beautiful fantasy scene of a longforgotten Asian landscape. A tree branch, small spirit house and flockof white cranes are the features of this unique, one-of-a-kindsculpture.
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Peacock Festival

Peacock Festival :: Cork Sculpture
Beautiful and artistic, this piece features a pair of white Chinese peacocks in a fantastic landscape. Ideal for decorating a space with a wide area, this special cork sculpture will add a magnificent Asian decorative look to any flat surface.
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